My name is Jac Thomas Elsey, and I am a graphic designer from Swansea, Wales. 
I first started designing in my early teens, when I fell in love with the graphics that other Swansea designers like Dean Davies used to create on social media. The power that graphics had to bring sport to life was second to none, it became an obsession.
So, I started doing some of my own. God was I awful at it. But over time, I got better... and better again. I based a lot of my projects on sport during my Graphic Communication studies at Gower College Swansea, which allowed me to progress into further education to study Graphic Design at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Aiming to follow in the footsteps of their many famous design alumni.

My skills then managed to get me my first design role at 18 years old, where I was employed as a designer and artwork assistant at Macron Store Neath. An Italian sports brand hub that supplied kits to many famous sports teams around the world.
I wanted a new challenge, somewhere where my role was strictly just design, to boost my career in sport design. So I waited like a typical impatient teenager, and I saw the job advert for a Graphic Designer at Scarlets Rugby. It was perfect. I applied, and after 2 interviews I got a call saying that I got the job, at 19 years old.

As of May 2023, I have been there over a year, and have produced so much that I am proud of at my time there. See some of my best work so far at Scarlets here!
But, I don't just do sport design. I have had over 30 clients in my time now, mainly for rebranding, creating logos, social media assets etc. These clients range from Swansea, to Milton Keynes, all the way to Dubai and Singapore.

My latest project is a personal one, where I illustrated the effects of parental alcoholism on children in modern day.
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