After some painful, painful months, the end of a design project is completed. My own personal rebrand is done!

Granted, this is a bit different from my last identity. That’s because I designed my last one, when I was a different designer and different as a person.

The dragon, obviously a Welsh symbol, is so much more than that. It represents solidarity, and my background. It also represents my complete obsession with crests and heraldry lol.

The shield - helps enforce the solidarity and my background, due to my Alma matter’s (@uwtsd) logo also being a shield. I loved my time at University, so I thought I’d bring a piece with me, so to speak.

A lot of my clientele are corporate (which I love doing), but I’m known as a sports designer primarily. Which is why I wanted to make something that looked good on a sports kit and other sports materials, while also being suitable for a corporate brand.

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